Meet Ebony Young

Ebony Young is a lifelong community servant.  Her life is grounded in a humble background of leadership and service.  Her mother was a teacher and her father, a preacher.  They taught Ebony and her four siblings to create, innovate, and lead with little – or nothing.  They taught her resiliency, emotional maturity, and seeing beyond ourselves! THIS is her motivation for being your City Council Member in District 26.

As a leader at large non-profit and business organizations, managing staff and budgets, Ebony has delivered for our communities with highly successful results.  For nineteen years, she served as an Executive Director with the YMCA – the last nine of which were at our local LIC YMCA, supporting children and families.  Ebony has also served in Corporate Social Responsibility, as a City Council Ex-officio board member at the New York Hall of Science, a Long Island City Partnership Board Member, President of the Queensboro Rotary Club, New York City Department of Education- District 30 Equity advisor, member of the Floating Hospital Development Committee, as a Western Queens teen mentor, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. 

Every day of her life, Ebony takes a stand to advance Economic Empowerment, Community Wellbeing, and Social Equity in our communities.  She believes that all people have the right to power up their lives, and no one should be left behind. Students in Western Queens should be provided an equitable education, and all people should have the opportunity to elevate themselves through economic empowerment, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual identity/orientation.

Ebony’s life is guided by the core values communication, collaboration, and compassion. She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and has designed several innovative community models that have worked in the success of bridging the divide and finding common ground around communal goals and aspirations. Giving back to community with confidence, passion, and innovation is the fuel to her activism.  She lives in Woodside with her husband and three children.

Ebony Young is the daughter of a union household. Ebony knows firsthand that unions are the backbone of a strong middle class. Ebony’s mother was a teacher and teacher’s union member and her father was a preacher. Naturally, Ebony found herself serving the community as an adult. For nearly two decades Ebony worked for the YMCA. Her commitment to the job and the community saw her rise to the role of Executive Director at the local Y in LIC. Today she looks towards the greater problems facing District 26 and knows she can do the work!

Ebony has delivered for our community’s children and families time and time again. From managing and moulding youth staffers to running million dollar budgets, Ebony has done it all for kids. Her dedication to children and education has led to her appointment as an advisor to the District 30 school board (LIC) on equity and as an Ex-officio board member at the New York Hall of Science. Ebony puts the children of the district first because she is a mother. She has 3 children, Trinity, Noa, and Marissa ; all 3 have attended local public schools.

Every day there is an opportunity to take a stand for our community. And Ebony has been doing so from the start. Ebony believes students in Western Queens should be provided with an equitable education. And that opportunity should not be based on identity. She believes that community well being depends on economic empowerment and equity. That workers must be paid fairly and we must aim to treat every person with dignity and respect.

Ebony remains committed to lifting the voice of each and every resident but most especially the voices that have been forgotten. As a board member of the LIC Relief Efforts, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, she focused her time on getting masks, hot meals and other PPE supplies to Western Queens NYCHA residents. Giving back to the community is what powers Ebony! Ebony is a long time resident of Woodside, where she lives with her husband and three children.