Ebony's Priorities

Working Together To Accomplish Community Focused Results

As a member of the City Council, Ebony will fight for ALL residents of our community to have opportunity for economic empowerment, including:

  • Investing in our students’ access to quality education and technology
  • Increasing opportunities for good paying jobs in our community
  • Supporting small businesses recovery and entrepreneurship

Ebony will work with colleagues in the Council to make sure that the NYC budget reflects intentional investments in education, training and development options to enhance skill capacity within our neighborhoods.  

We need well-funded public schools that provide a good education for our children, have after-school enhancements and create more access to gifted and talented programs.  We need to increase our focus on tech and entrepreneurial skill enhancement for our workforce and create seamless connections with our district 26 constituent base, employers, trainers and education programs. 

Addressing systemic issues in our K-12 schools such as disparity patterns in school practices including special education, academic referrals, and entrance into gifted and talented programs are critical to reform.  We will work with immigrants and adults to obtain college degrees and vocational certifications regardless of status.

We will work with organizations like NYC Kids Rise to address systemic problems and ensure the sustainability of the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program, a public-private-community partnership, to ensure that every child in public school regardless of immigration status or how much their family has in the bank, will have financial assets for college or career training starting in kindergarten.

As a member of the City Council, Ebony will act on decisions that involve our control over how we allocate our financial resources including upgrading our opportunities to level up in our jobs and careers. With a district average salary of $46k and low income at $18k annually we have room to grow. With projected  percentage increases of 48.1% in health care services, 74.8% in the information service sector, and a growth of 28.7% in the social assistance sector increasing from 2016-2026 our district 26 residents have real opportunity to function proactively scaling our median salary by tapping into targeted workforce, tech, and entrepreneurial training and development to prepare us for real jobs.  We will work with local partners like Pursuit, Euclid Training Services, The Lonely Entrepreneur, Urban Upbound, LaGuardia College, Cornell Tech, guaranteeing jobs to all residents and giving you hope for a productive future. 

Our small businesses have a cultural finesse like no other in this city. With small businesses losing momentum through COVID-19, Ebony will work with local business building incentive programs, demanding flexible lease terms, amplifying district 26 tourists’ attractions, scaling training and tech and maximizing relevant and strategic collaborative opportunities with local luxury tenants, housing associations, and local non-profits to promote a hike in customer exposure and growth. 

Our local youth will benefit through intern and workforce sampling at the local high school and college level partnering with local businesses with local businesses benefiting from the latest tech functions. A comprehensive strategy is imperative to growing our economic industries in Western Queens.

As a member of the City Council, Ebony will be an advocate for our underserved populations, pushing for:

  • Safe and fair housing for ALL RESIDENTS
  • More funding for homeless housing
  • Tax relief for elderly homeowners


More than half of district residents are renters. Almost half of district renters spend a third or  more of their income on rent, an estimated 40% of seniors spend at least half of their income on rent, these are levels that are considered a severe rent burden and must be addressed.  As a member of the City Council, Ebony will DEMAND the creation of more Affordable Housing in our community that is based on the average income by zip code and not the much higher city average which is the current standard. 

Every person deserves a roof over their head. That is why we must keep in mind those who struggle the most to do so. We must look to deploy mobile mental health workers. Mental health is one of the driving causes of homelessness so it is imperative we address the issue at the root. Expanding mental health service is an important step to helping the homeless and Ebony is committed to fighting for the resources necessary.

We must keep the most vulnerable in place. It is the vast array of diverse identities that makes District 26 the place I’m proud to call home. And we must pursue progressive legislation to ensure that everyone that is as proud as I am can still call District 26 home. Seniors are also a vulnerable population. We must ensure they are able to still afford to live in the district. We must look to tax luxury development. It is unfair and immoral to place the burden on our oldest and often poorest homeowners.

As a member of the City Council, Ebony will invest in our community well-being and quality of life by:

  • Enhancing access to healthcare 
  • Holding healthcare providers and insurers to a higher standard
  • Creating opportunities for residents to participate in free social and fitness activities

Today, just eight overburdened hospitals serve Queens. Ebony will fight for more community-based health centers, offering preventative medicine and keeping non-emergencies out of our crowded emergency rooms.

Our district isn’t just underserved it’s getting less for the money. That is why it is important to maintain pressure on those who profit off of suffering and illness. Ebony will work to regulate the astronomical fees and ensure that all residents are treated with dignity from the healthcare system.

We must ensure all residents stay active. Active lifestyles lead to better health outcomes. it is imperative that we offer access to all residents to fitness and well being resources that go beyond the scope of current healthcare. Prioritizing good health means putting nutrition and fitness at the top of the agenda for District 26.

As a member of the City Council, Ebony will fight for our kids:

  • After School for All
  • Equitable Resources
  • Constant Improvements 

Afterschool isn’t a privilege — it should be a right. We must acknowledge that working families need help to survive especially now. Afterschool for all should be implemented just as 3k and Pre-k for all have been. Working mothers deserve equity. Children of working families deserve enriching extracurriculars that are a part of a complete education. 

We need well-funded public schools. We need schools that not only provide a fine education but schools that also work to address systemic injustices. We must strive to be the model. There is no place as diverse as Queens and that is why we must forge a new path that is inclusive of the diversity of learners in our schools. 

Constantly improving! Schools come first in the budget. As simple as it sounds. We have to hold every elected official and appointed official that is involved in our budgeting process accountable and  that we TRULY PUT SCHOOLS FIRST. I will fight for every dollar I can get for the children of District 26.

Ebony is committed to stemming the spread of COVID-19 and making sure the vaccination is accessible to all residents of the district:

Get tested:


Find a vaccine site: 


Get free ppe for your small business:


Resources if you test positive: 


Virtual urgent care doctor: